Also!! On the wikipedia page for Waitress it says that her husband is a “bully” rather than abusive, which he clearly is! He hits her and pushes her around in addition to the emotional abuse he puts her through everyday! I am very tempted to change it!

So, I watched Waitress, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! This movie was totally not the corny, typical, romantic comedy I thought it would be. It follows Keri Russell’s character of Jenna, who’s an unhappy waitress stuck in an unhappy marriage to an abusive husband. Jenna winds up pregnant after drunkenly sleeping with said husband and is miserable about her pregnancy. Then, she meets her doctor and things go from terrible to less terrible.

While I totally love the strong and odd ball characters through-out this film, the storyline leaves something to be desired. I wish that the plot was a little bit more pro-women (rather than having all the characters talk about the men they have settled for, it would be nice to see them, you know, not. And why was abortion an option?); I do like the originality and comedy.

I will probably end up buying this movie. 

Sooo over Mondays! I srsly can’t wait for my work week to be over.

I was so bummed all night because I didnt have anything sweet to eat and then I remembered I HAVE DONUTS

Hangover City. Population: 1 Tamara and 1 Princess Audrina

Hangover City. Population: 1 Tamara and 1 Princess Audrina